Saturday, July 25, 2009

What is your Chrsitian Role when it comes to your profression

I have been listening to a lot of Matt Chandler lately, love his world view and passion for the word of God. Here is an interesting clip on working with humanity organizations who are not "Christ centered"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dental work is not fun

I hate dental work, one of my least favorite things in the world to do is to go to the dentist, whether for a simple cleaning or a root canal (OK that is much, much worse) It brings back a some of the simple principles in both my spiritual life and life in general. namely, If I don't take care of the smaller things, they can end up being very big things. Its also very important who you entrust the care of your teeth to. Although I'd like to think that I have proper teeth hygiene and do a adequate job, I need help. So in comes a dentist. NEWSFLASH!!! all dentists are not equal. Today I went to the dentist for some work. For the last 5 years I went to a dentist for cleaning. He was great! it never hurt and I was in and out in a flash. I recently changed dentists, and low and behold I have major issues that are going to require major work as well as some of the heavy stuff. It turns out the guy who taking care of my teeth for the last 5 years was only interested on getting paycheck and not so much my teeth. So here I am paying the consequences for enjoying the nice easy dentist who didn't hurt rather than one who would get in there and get rid of the junk.

Questions to ponder: Are there some small things lurking around in my life that need attention before they get huge? Do I only pursue easy comfortable options. And am I entrusting my spiritual life to the right person? Am I trusting myself? Who are the people who are influences in my life?

I am looking forward to getting this pain and suffering over quickly when it has to do with my teeth. I also want to make sure I don't end up with a lot of damaging things in my personal and spiritual life due to neglect and not so positive influences in my life.

Sometime corny illustrations can make a huge impact on our lives. Although I wont be using this a sermon illustration any time soon- I am going to heed some simple wisdom and take a closer look at my life and those I allow in it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Guilt Trip

I have this thing about putting myself on guilt trips for not doing the things I intended to do. This blog being one of those things. I have allowed myself to get busy with many things having to do with work, family church etc. I have committed to writing my thoughts and encouraging others along the way.

Today I am reminded by the words of Paul in Romans 7&8, when he talks about not doign the things he wants to do, and getting involved int he stuff he wanted to. His choices as we see in chapter 8 reminds us that we are all failures and the only way to truly experience life the way God desires is by depending on God's spirit and guidance not personal achievement.

So i am not going to beat myself with a whip of guilt and shame, rather I am looking forward to what the spirit is going to do, speak, change through me.

Look forward to great things to come.