Thursday, January 31, 2008

God of this City

I had the privilege of attending 268 generation's ( Passion conference in Los Angeles last weekend. I am still in awe of what I experienced and to hear and be a part of what God is doing throughout the world. It is easy to look around us here and see everyone so caught up in themselves and the business of life and to see the hunger and war in the world and wonder "where is God?" The truth is that God is very alive and very active today. I enjoy ready blogs and comments on youtube videos and it is amazing how when anything spiritual pops up an argument ensues and everyone jumps on one of two side. The first is that there is so much hurt in the world that there can't be a God and that Christians are stupid and need a crutch; the other side begins to argue back that God is real and they should just believe. I tend to get frustrated with both sides because I know God is real, but I get more frustrated with people being defensive and bashing on people who don't believe. I wish that people who consider themselves to be followers of Christ would spend less time in chat rooms trying to outwit people into buying into their version of Jesus and begin top live like him. I have never heard of a person who heard a amazing sarcastic reply to their comment online and turned to Jesus. The only way the world is going to know the reality of Jesus is when we stop talking "Christianese" and start living life like Jesus would.
That what was so incredible about this conference, we heard from so many places that God is doing incredible things and people are finding Jesus, I am going to post a song from youtube below, it was written by a band called bluetree, this song was written while the band was actually leading a worship service inside a prostitution house (brothel) in Thailand. The words are powerful and it is true regardless of what you see going on outside and on the TV, God is the God of whatever city we call home, and the sooner we start living like it the better chance we have a seeing people grasping that truth. Here is the song called "God of this city"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jesus Came to Earth- For us!

In my personal time with God I am going through the book of Hebrews. In Hebrews 2 talks about Jesus becoming Flesh or taking on a human body- that means pain, hurt, emotions the works. God the Son who was in heaven... not just somewhere out there, Heaven, a place more incredible than we can even imagine, came and lived here with us, and died a horrific death, and rose again, that I might have life. It is really cool to think about the awesome thing this is. God himself took a place next to me here on earth. He gave up the glory of heaven- because of his love for me.
My response to this can come in several different forms, I can say "oh great story" and move on, or I can take some time and be blown away by the reality of it, and begin to think how I can thank him, recognize him and give him the glory he deserves. not out of guilt but out of amazement and thankfulness.
How can I do this? I want to looking daily for opportunities to give him Glory- How does he get Glory!- By me recognizing him for who he is, in me.

I am going to look for ways to show to the world that he is real!!! And that means leaving the comfort of daily routine
and living out my faith like I believe this truth.

Friday, January 25, 2008

passion conference

Trip is great so far, had to frive through snow and insane drivers. We made it, the conference is under way. After a powerful time of worship lead by Chris Tomlin, we were challenged by Louie Giglio to consider if we had really encountered Jesus. I could write qite a bit, but I want to stop and think about that for a bit, ... cuz the question was more than just what I say but a question of does my life reflect my answer...

Great night... Its 11pm and we're at IHOP I am writing this on my phone... No sleep is in my future

Passion Conference

I am just getting ready to jump drive to LA for the passion conference.
Cant wait it is going to be great. I get to hear my Favorite Speakers, Louie Giglio, Francis Chan and others.

Here are some highlights from the conference in Boston.

Looking forward to sharing What God IS going to do in my life and others.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

God's Awesomeness

God is Amazing. We might not feel like it, we might not even believe it... but that doesn't change the fact that he is awesome. This little clip shares some awesome things about God's awesomeness. This amazing God, seeks to know us and Love us. Wow!!!!

Here is one of my favorite speakers, Fanscis Chan, and what he has to say about God's Awesomeness. (is that a word?)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Hangin Out

Who do you like spending time with? I really enjoy hanging out with friends especially over food. When you have good food and good conversation it makes for an interesting evening. Tonight at Elevate we are going to be covering Acts chapter 2, where it shares how God's people got together and met to eat and share their lives together and some amazing things happened. Life gets so busy that we often miss out on these great times because we have so much of our own going on that we don't have time to share. This is what the church was initially set up to be, sometimes I think we are missing the point by turning church into an hour of being spectators and performers rather than just simply hanging out with each other, loving each others, laughing together, crying together, encouraging, and just simply doing life together.
With a new 210 building built to lead into "hangout times" it is going to be important for elevate to not get too caught up in the dynamics of "church service" but focus on promoting "community celebration" or just hangin out enjoying each other and God.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

One Minute...

I just took Jonah my 7 year old to the dentist, after going through the cleaning and polishing process (which he was very brave and I was very proud.) The dentist encouraged me to take time he brushes a little more seriously. The key is talking one minute of focusing on each tooth for a couple of seconds and getting all the "sugar bugs" off so they don't start causing trouble in the form of cavities. That one minute a night can save him a lot of pain in the form of shots and that menacing dentists drill... (dont you hate that high pitched sound?)
In this blog my goal is to take my daily experiences and learn spiritual principles and apply them to my life based on God's word. My take away from this session is that I want to take a little inventory of my life daily and look for the "sugar bugs" that seek to harm me. They may seem innocent and small but left unattended they coudl grow into habit and addictions out of my control. There is a great passage in the bible that I would like to use as my One Minute guide it comes from Psalm 137:23-24
Search me, O God, and know my heart;
test me and know my anxious thoughts.
24 Point out anything in me that offends you,
and lead me along the path of everlasting life.

This one minute of hearing from a source of help and guidance (not guilt and shame) could save me a lot of hours, weeks, months and possibly years of pain.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Foggy Day

Today we woke to a heavy fog, our day changed due to the fact that Jonah would not be riding the bus and school wouldn't start till 11:15. It was interesting to see the way that people people change their driving habits. Fortunately the fog wasn't so bad that we could leave or drive so we did venture out today. I have been in a few different fog spells here in the valley where you couldn't see the front of your bumper, thats is not fun to drive in.
Sunday night I encouraged people to read Proverbs 3:5-6, it talks about giving everything to God and being committed to his plan and he promises to direct our future. Living life without seeking Gods guidance is liek driving in the fog, sure you can get around a little, but there is lots of danger and sooner or later your going to have an accident. Living with Gods direction and guidance is not only having a good map, but it is also protection from the things that can harm us today.
My challenge today is to seek God's counsel on all things in life.

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm Connected

After a few weeks of being without the internet, cable and phone service I am now connected with technology. I never realized how much I am dependent on being "connected." I felt lost like I was missing a part of my life. What a great feeling to turn on the computer and be able to send and receive emails, to watch the news and my favorite shows and be available to people who are looking to talk with me. I wonder how connected I am with Jesus on a daily basis, when I get disconnected does my life begin appear to be missing the most important part or do I just go on with life as normal. I really hope and pray that I truly sense my dependence on God and my need to be connected to him. In John 15 Jesus says "I am the Vine and you are the branches. Todays phrase translation could be "I am the World Wide Web" and you are the computer. Jesus goes on to say if we stay plugged into him we will produce fruit, or there will be results in life that prove we are connected to Jesus. Now that I am connected to the internet I am going to be more organized, have better information, and be better and following up on friendships and people that I minister to. But the most important thing for me is not to be a better person, a more organized person, or even more creative; but rather to be connected to Jesus and let my life be a reflection of what he wants and has planned for me.

How connected are you? Its not a guilt driven question- its a challenge to be connected to the best resource available for life- period. Jesus. Remember its not what you know, its who you know.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Battle Continues

I will now be without internet till Monday. So by Monday I should be back up and writing.
I am done moving! no I mean forever, i am never ever doing it again, i can't find anything. I am so far behind in everything. I am learning much patience and dependence on God, as well as a powerful lesson in priorities.
If I dont learn anything through this process to live out when things are less crazy (like that ever happens) I will be a complete fool. Proverbs 1:3-5 puts it well.
I need to learn to let God direct my path...
Have a great day...
Will start wrting regularly on monday....

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Technical difficulties

I am without internet till Jan 9th. N ever realized how dependent on technology I am. My life has come to a screeching halt. And then no Cable- which means no espn- am am going through major withdrawals. I am challenged to have the same dependence on Gods word, psalms 119:105 talks about Gods word as a light to our path. I need Gods light to shine in my life and when I get away from his greatest tool for living I hope that I recognize the absence.

Have a great day, and enjoy some of Gods amazing wisdom from his word...

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I have been learning a lot especially in the area of patience. Patience is tough because you have to give up control. I am sitting in the airport right now and have 2 hours to kill, and I am not enjoying the wait. The internet connection is extremely slow and I am anxiously tapping the keyboard while it takes forever to load the pages. When I get in a hurry and lose my sense of patience I tend to dwell on the negatives rather than thinking of the positives. I am spending some quality time with my son, the flights are not canceled, the internet connection may be slow but it is free, and I just got to spend a few days with my parents. For me one of the greatest things I can do to stop rushing through life and dwelling on the negatives is to stop and take time to be thankful. The series I taught on slow motion is really beginning to impact my life, and as long as I begin to practice what I preach and what I am learning from God, life is much more meaningful, effective, and enjoyable.
The verse from psalms continues to challenge me: "be still and know that I (He), is God." He is God and I am not. He is in control, and the quicker I begin to live like that, the less of a mess I make out of things.
Enjoying the journey and remembering the great things in my life make waiting a positive experience rather than making me bitter and agitated.
I am now enjoying this beautiful 2 hour layover in Denver.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year

I am out of town (actually out of state) visiting my parents for the new year. It is great to be with them but I had to leave Codie and Jackson at home because of Jackson's ear infection. Being away is not fun, but it does make you appreciate what you have. I am thankful for my family and I hope that this year I will continue to be a good father and husband.
What I find is that on my own I can't do that, however, the more time I spend with God the more he makes me more like him and does things through me that I am incapable on my own.
The closer I get to him the more he fills me with his presence and that is truly the greatest gift I can give my family.

Have a great new year!!!!!