Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lots of Change, and some things the same...

If you haven't heard yet, its official. I (along with others) am going to be planting a Church in the Exeter area called Orange Valley Church (

This has been a interesting journey which begin to progress rather quickly as it became apparent that this was where I believe God to be leading me. The great thing is I'm not alone! One of my best friends in the world Alex Reeder is going to be joining me, as well as Eric McIntosh will serve as the Worship Arts Pastor (
Two other friends Kevin Starling and Adam Bravinder have also committed to developing the leadership structure for this amazing new venture.

Couple of things I want to make sure an get out there:

1. From the beginning this was done in with full disclosure to Crossroads Community Church where I have been on staff for the last 4 years. I amd my family have been blessed by this church and will always have a special place in my heart. I or Alex are not leaving because of anything that was are wasn't being done- there is no issue, simply pursuing what God has placed before us. We are very thankful for and leave in good standing with Crossroads and will continue to Pray for and encourage them in their work in Visalia as we launch out in Exeter.

2. Elevate will continue as normal. The vision for Elevate began in my heart years before we opened. I will continue to lead the elevate team, and I am just as excited about the future of it as I was when we began four years ago.

Excited about what God has in store looking forward to amazing things...

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