Friday, September 24, 2010

Mother Mary Come To Me

When It comes to Mary we seem to have some major swings in our approach to her. Either we worship her as a mini god or we totally disregard and ignore her. Jesus did neither of these. He loved her & cared for her & made sure she was cared for when he left. He never worshiped her, but only gave praise and prayed to his father in heaven. So, lets do the same. Lets honor her as a mother (as we should honor our own) and lets learn from her.

Why did God choose Mary? Well…because He’s God and He can do anything He wants. Was there anything more about her that the Lord looked at and said, this person will be the vessel for bearing and caring for my son on his journey to earth. She was a teenager who had little to no experience in the mothering department. Her credentials were un impressive at best by the worlds standards. But she had something that caught God’s eye, the thing that I believe God saw in some one years before here, Abraham.

God comes to Abraham and asks him to take him at his word and move away from everything he knew (he also asked him to do some other crazy stuff that is to painful to talk about right now.) And what did Abraham say, YES. What did Mary say, YES. She was willing to not just believe God, but to walk her belief out to faith, like Abraham. This is what the Lord saw. A willingness. A Yes. Faith. A willingness to not just believe He was going to do what He promised, but to actually walk out the promise with Him.

Faith is not being sure of what’s over the mountain and being ok with it. It’s having no clue what rest over the mountain, but knowing who told you to go and being ok with whatever awaits you because you know the one who told you has only good for you.

Mary didn’t earn a part in God’s story, He invited her in…as He does with you & I. The story isn’t about Mary’s faith but in fact is, and always is, about Gods faithfulness. That He will accomplish what He sets out to do.

They were not the star of the story…Mary, Elisabeth or John….It was about Jesus.

Mary would carry Him, Elisabeth delighted in Him, John prepared hearts for Him. We now carry these things out in our lives.

Were not called to be the story, but to be a part of His…by carrying Him into the world. By delighting in him and preparing hearts to receive His Spirit. Its not about your disqualifications, but his love & blood that makes you qualified to be a part.

The story isn’t pretty, but it is beautiful. Messy but lovely beyond measure.

- Jerrod

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